William I. O’Dell, one of Ardsley’s founding fathers, circa 1864
William I. O’Dell, one of Ardsley’s founding fathers, circa 1864


March 25, 1861: Methodist Church organized in Hamlet of Ashford

March 2, 1883: Post Office established, name of hamlet renamed Ardsley

July 23, 1887: Opening of two-room Ashford Avenue School, converted into Ardsley Municipal Building in 1915

July 12, 1892: Death of Cyrus W. Field, entrepreneur behind the Transatlantic Cable, who gave Ardsley its name

October 24, 1895: First Meeting to local residents to consider incorporation of Ardsley as a Village

January 14, 1896: Incorporation of Village of Ardsley

January 25, 1896: Organizational Meeting for Ardsley Fire Department at Lyceum Hall

February 11, 1896: Election of President Daniel Lawrence and First Village Board of Trustees

March 5, 1896: Banquet at Ardsley Lyceum to Celebrate Village’s Incorporation

April 27, 1896: Enactment of First Village Ordinances, By-Laws and Police Regulations

October 28-30, 1903: Grand Fair for New Methodist-Episcopal Church, and issuance of booklet on Ardsley History by Rev. Eli Quick

January 8, 1906: Adolph Lewisohn, national public figure, acquired first Ardsley property, later expanded to 356 acres with 40-room mansion, known as Heatherdell Farm

September 18, 1912: Ceremony for laying of cornerstone and placement of time capsule at Ashford Avenue School Building

December 6, 1914: Great Ardsley Fire in downtown business district

October 22, 1916: First church service of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Ardsley

November 16, 1912: President William Howard Taft luncheon guest of Adolph Lewisohn at Heatherdell Farm

August 1, 1920: Chartering of Ardsley American Legion Post 458

May 10, 1923: Ardsley Public Library established

February 7, 1924: Death of William Odell, Second Village President, and owner of Odell Coal, Feed & Flour Co.

November 20, 1930: Saw Mill River Parkway opened

May 2, 1932: Resolution enacted by Westchester County Board of Supervisors to rename Woodlands Park as the V. Everit Macy Park

May 14, 1934: Death of Mayor Frank Addyman while in office after 7 years as Head of Village Government

December 17, 1935: Robbery of First National Bank of Ardsley

June 10, 1939: King George VI and Queens Elizabeth Travel Up the Saw Mill Parkway past V. Everit Macy Park on way to visit FDR at Hyde Park

July 30, 1940: Henry Raab appointed Chief of Police, remaining in office 22 years

November 7, 1949: Moving of Ardsley Train Station from west to east side of tracks

November 19, 1950: Dedication of Our Lady of Perpetual Help new church building on Ashford Avenue

September 27, 1951: Sale of First Huntley Estates Homes off Heatherdell Road

May 4, 1953: Appointment of Former Mayor Francis J. McCormack, beginning 21-year tenure as Village Justice

December 15, 1955: NYS Thruway opened through Ardsley

April 1, 1957: First workday for Mary Kamens, Ardsley Village Clerk, for 41 years

May 29, 1958: Passenger Service ended on Putnam Railroad Line

February 7, 1960: Dedication of new Ardsley Methodist Church building on Ashford Avenue

June 4, 1961: New York Herald Tribune Sunday Magazine cover of Ardsley Little League at McDowell Park, illustrated by Ardsley resident Donald Moss

July 1, 1962: Ardsley-Secor Volunteer Ambulance Corps formed

March 30, 1964: Death of B. Wilbur McDowell, Village Justice for 41 years beginning in 1912

April 27, 1971: First organizational meeting of Ardsley Public Library

October 8-10, 1971: 75th Anniversary Celebration of Village

June 18, 1972: Major Flooding of Saw Mill River and Downtown Business Area during Hurricane Agnes

June 25, 1972: Opening of Ardsley storefront library on Centre Street

January 23, 1980: Death of Arthur Silliman, Head of Ardsley Schools 1922-1958 and author of History of Ardsley

April 9, 1980: Mud slide behind Ardsley A & P crashes into back of stores

July 21, 1980: All-time heat record in Ardsley set at 104 Degrees

December 25, 1980: All-time coldest recorded local temperature: Minus 4 degrees

February, 1982: first meeting of Ardsley Historical Society

February 9, 1982: Court of Appeals Decision in Incorporated Village of Ardsley vs. Town of Greenburgh, Affirms Ardsley’s Right to Join the Greenburgh Town Pool after Five years of Litigation

January 17, 1984: Groundbreaking for New Ardsley Library on American Legion Drive

October 19, 1985: Earthquake Measuring 4.0 on Richter Scale Centered Near Ardsley

July 1-2, 1987: Felony Hearing for Green Dragons Gang in Village Court

July 17, 1987: Stephen Blaha retires as Police Chief after 33 years

June 11, 1989: Ardsley High School Baseball Team wins fourth consecutive Class C NYS Championship

December 22, 1992: Water Wheel Restaurant destroyed by fire

January 6, 1996: Flag Raising Ceremony to Commemorate Ardsley Village Centennial

February 2, 2002: Death of Beatrice Proske, longtime Ardsley resident, at age 102